Heavy Duty Cargo Service – I-270, Truck Stops & Beyond

Heavy Duty Cargo Service Gaithersburg MD

Hannan Towing & Recovery provides 24hr heavy duty cargo services and commercial truck cargo service in Gaithersburg MD, Montgomery County, and on I-270 from Frederick to Washington DC. With a fleet of cargo handling equipment, we are prepared for any heavy duty cargo handling and recovery situation. Does your company need semi-cab stacking? Or does one of your semi drivers need a load shift at a truck stop along I-270? Our team of trained professionals can solve your issue and get your truck back on the road ASAP. Call 301-937-1947 now to speak to a member of our Heavy Cargo Team.

Our heavy duty cargo services include, but are not limited to:

  • Load Shifts
  • Load Transfers
  • Load Swaps
  • Load Completion
  • Power-Only Delivery
  • Drop & Hook Loads
  • Cargo Loading & Off-Loading
  • Stacking / Unstacking
  • Bunking / Unbunking
  • Decking / Undecking
  • Cargo Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Material Handling
  • Fork Lift Service

Load Shifts, Load Transfers, & Load Completion Service

Hannan Towing & Recovery provides fast and affordable heavy cargo services including load shifts, load transfers, load completions, and load swaps throughout Montgomery County, from Frederick to Washington DC, and beyond. Our experienced and trained staff can provide weights shifts, cargo offloads, and much more for our clients. Did your heavy truck break down on the way into or out of the DC area? We routinely provide our heavy truck cargo services for mail trucks, consumer goods trucks, and much more. Call 301-937-1947 to get our Heavy Cargo Team headed your way.

Cargo Spill Cleanup Service & Site Remediation

We are proud to offer cargo spill response and site remediation services throughout our extended service area. Our cargo clean up team meets all safety standards, so you can be confident that we have the tools and resources needed to get the accident site cleared and cleaned as quickly and safely as possible. We have multiple heavy wreckers and a skid steer in case of load spills and clean-up.

Call our 24hr dispatch center now at 301-937-1947 to speak to Hannan Towing & Recovery about our cargo cleanup services.